The Best Ribs are at the Texas Roadhouse

by Hipshot

I was out of town on business last week in Waco, Texas. I (we) decided to eat at the Texas Roadhouse. I was with a couple of friends from work, and led them to believe that the ribs there were as good as I had ever eaten.

By doing that, though, I really put myself on the spot. You see, I had already eaten at a Texas Roadhouse in Abilene and in Austin. But I got to wondering... what if this Roadhouse isn't as good as the others?

I ordered my usual plate of ribs, as did one of my friends (undoubtedly due to my recommendation). At my urging, my friend (who is somewhat of a BBQ expert) was now expecting something great.

Not to worry. All Roadhouses are created equal (at least the few I have gone to). Each one has been as good as the others. I seem to always order the ribs because I remember how good they were the last time.

I have yet to be disappointed. They truly are the best ribs I have ever eaten. And as it turns out, my friend said they were the best ribs he has ever had, too.

The Texas Roadhouse is not just a BBQ joint. It is a steakhouse that also serves BBQ along with burgers, chicken and seafood. Check it out yourself at

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