Tequila Lime Marinade

Here is a basic Tequila lime marinade for you to work with. This one is fairly basic. There are others out there, but this one will get you going. Here it is.

1/2 c olive oil
1/4 c lime juice
1/4 c Tequila
1 packet of Italian salad dressing

Use this with chicken and marinate for about 2 to 4 hours. Adjust this time as you would the ingredients. It's all meant to give you a starting point.

Use it as is, if you like. Try a bottle of salad dressing instead of a packet. That is actually a decent marinade by itself.

Some Alternatives

But if you want to jazz it up a little, consider adding some minced garlic or salt and pepper if necessary. Maybe you would want to replace the salad dressing packet with your own blend of seasonings. Think about replacing the "Italian" seasonings with something like

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green onion
cayenne pepper

Or maybe add some Worcestershire sauce or teriyaki sauce. The possibilities are really endless.

When it comes to the amounts of ingredients... I can't tell you. It's not that I won't tell you, I just don't know what to tell you.

To give you a certain amount of something such as, "add 1 Tbs Worcestershire sauce", will only work for a specific combination of ingredients (aka a recipe). Even then, you may need to change that to match your taste.

Do Your Own Thing

So, it boils down to taste. You must taste your creation along the way. Otherwise, how will you know whether or not you like it? Since you need to taste it (and ultimately eat it), don't use anything you already know you don't like. If you don't like cinnamon, don't use it. Simple, right?

If you wouldn't use a particular brand of Tequila in your margarita, don't use it in your marinade. If you wouldn't pour yourself a certain wine in your glass, don't put it in your marinade.

Use quality, too. Quality means fresh. You will really notice a difference when using fresh ingredients. That goes for dry seasonings as well as herbs.

I wish I could be more specific. It's something that's really impossible, though. To make your own creations, you must be ... creative.

I can't believe I said that. But it's true, isn't it?

You will get better. You will learn more. You will have fun. You'll also be surprised at how much you will learn in just a few attempts. Enjoy the ride. Get another drink and try again.


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