Save Money on Groceries

How can I save money by BBQing when steaks and other groceries are getting so high priced?

Good question... hard to answer.

Let's assume that you don't save money by raising your own cattle, chickens and pigs. If you did, though, you'd be saving big. But having your own garden is not out of the question... right?

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Remember, BBQing is not just steaks. Lots of fruits and vegetables taste great when grilled. So don't get locked into the idea of fixing just steaks when you have so many other choices.

We can't really control the prices charged, but we do control what and how much we buy. If you love steaks, go ahead and go for it. Just cut back on how much and how often, if the cost starts to put you in a bind.

Otherwise, add to your variety. Sometimes try grilling burgers instead of steak. Maybe some fajitas or chicken every now and then. Throw in a little fish or pork once in a while. Mix it up a little. Save your favorite for those special occasions.

Another option (so you get to keep the great taste of the grill) is to grill select fruits or vegetables and use them in desserts, salads, or sides to the main dish.

There is always something good to grill out there. Some cuts of meat, that have historically been considered trash, are actually very good if you take some time to smoke them slow. Things like brisket and ribs are good examples.

Here is one more angle to look at it. You have got to eat... don't you? You have got to buy groceries anyway... right? Try to think of what you would normally eat, and then ask yourself, "How could I grill that?", or "What part of that meal could I grill?".

Naturally you can't grill something like soup... but you might grill some of the ingredients you put into your soup... Hmmmm?


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