Pork Chop Marinade
Drunk Butter Apple Chops

Here is a pork chop marinade that you are really going to have to try. This video was done by one of my son's friends.

Oh, my son?... you remember him... I told you he went to culinary school. He's the one that told me "cook it until it's done" . I'll never forget that.

Anyway... Luke is a friend of Brian's. They went to school together, and now they both live in Austin. It would seem that he is quite the culinary artist himself.

This is one of the best pork marinade recipes I have run across. So sit back and enjoy watching the butter get drunk and the chops get sauced as Longhorn Luke shows you how it's done.

Special SiteSell Promotion

Apparently Luke made this video to send in to Bobby Flay for his TV show Grill It!. It was available for a short time on the food network website as well. But, since they didn't choose him to be on the show, I am happy that Luke has allowed me to secure a copy for you on this website.

I could see Luke on TV with Bobby... couldn't you?

In case you weren't taking any notes, here is a list of the ingredients Luke used.

Center cut, bone-in pork chops

Bourbon Marinade

apple juice 
apple cider vinegar
soy sauce
black pepper
sliced jalapeno

Brown Sugar Bourbon Butter

salted butter
brown sugar

Did you notice he didn't specify any amounts? Well, you know how things are with recipes. Maybe that was intentional. I'd bet you could still turn out a good one.

If not, though, just take my advise... have another drink and try again.

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