Jenn Air BBQ grills
Preservation Tips

by Niko

When acquiring your Jenn Air BBQ grill, consider it as an investment rather then merely another grill for your outdoor leisure. You should expect this item to become a large portion of your out-of-doors activities for many years ahead. But as with any other investments, proper maintenance and treatment is required to maintain your Jenn Air BBQ grill so it will last you for years to come.

While a few routine maintenance and cleaning tasks are specific to the type of Jenn Air BBQ grill you own (gas, electric, charcoal or smoke barbecue grill), a lot of the recommended preservation tips apply to all types and brands of grills.

Phase 1- Collecting The essential Products

You will require some typical household items you probably already have around the house, when it comes time to clean your grill.

Steel wire grill brush
Metal wool parts, preferably containing soap
Gentle dish soap
Sponge or cloth or dishcloth
Spray oil
Dry baking soda
Metal foil

Phase 2- Brushing Your Jen Air BBQ Grill Off

The first thing that ought to always be carried out on your new grill is actually a scheduled brushing.

Using your brass wire barbeque grill brush (or other brush suitable to your type of grill) you should brush off all the surfaces. By routinely brushing your barbeque grill, you will prevent any type of buildup. If buildup from food is left too long, it can become increasingly difficult to remove.

Phase 3- Bottle of spray Cooking Oil

Once you are certain that your Jenn Air BBQ Grill is free of most buildup and particles, understanding that your barbeque grill is completely cooled off, you'll want to spray it down using a gentle layer of cooking oil. Spraying it with cooking oil will minimize rusting.

It is actually particularly significant to be sure your bbq grill is totally cold, as spraying cooking oil on a hot surface can cause the oil to get hot and ignite. It may be very dangerous to you as well as your barbeque grill.

Phase 4- Get some baking soda and lightweight aluminum foil.

Baking soda is a very nice cleansing and polishing agent. After you have eliminated any extra clutter and buildup, gently scrubbing your Jenn Air BBQ grill with baking soda can offer that added shine, similar to the day which you brought it home from the store. This tends to also be helpful when employed on handles and knobs to get rid of any extra buildup that can't be taken off by using a wire brush.

Aluminum foil may also be used to keep your BBQ grill looking great. Gradually rub the aluminum foil on your grill, and you'll see that it removes grime and buildup.

Step 5- Clean Your Racks

The cabinets within your grill are especially crucial, as this is where the meals touch when they are cooking. You will need to utilize the wire brush to take out as much buildup as you can. When you take out as much as possible, start cleansing the racks with dish cleaning soap.

If the racks are really soiled, you may also wish to use the steel wool pads. Don't forget to completely rinse off all soap and residue before cooking on them again.

Phase 6- Preventing Problems

Almost all concerns that arise from Jenn Air BBQ grills comes from insufficient maintenance and cleaning. Which means if you notice something does not seem quite right with your barbecue grill, it's likely that it could be fixed with just a simple cleaning.

Despite the fact that you fix it, realize that it may still have problems. At the very least you saved yourself the potential embarrassment of taking it to a professional only to find out all it needed was to be cleaned.

Finally, one way of preventing issues with your BBQ grill is to protect it from the elements. Covers are available for grills in all sizes and shapes. So chances are, you'll find the one which fits your grill. For those of you that already have a cover to your Jenn Air BBQ grill, all you should ever need to do are the standard maintenance steps mentioned.

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Preservation Tips

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