Grilled Salmon Marinade

I have mentioned using my grilled salmon marinade a few times throughout the website. That's because I use it on other things besides salmon. Salmon happened to be what I used it on first. It just expanded to other foods from there.

I thought I better give you a few more details about it, though, just in case you want try it.

This one is fairly simple, at least as far as the recipe goes. The more important things you should know about, relate to the actual grilling of the fish.

I wrote an article about it that was published in Follow this link on the graphic if you would like to read the article. It deals with the problem of fish sticking to the grill.

Back to the grilled salmon marinade. This is the recipe that I use.

1 stick butter or margarine
Garlic salt (to your taste)

Melt the butter in a bowl. Add a few shakes of garlic salt. Stir and taste. Add more garlic salt if necessary. Brush this on the salmon before putting it onto the grill. Brush as desired while grilling.

That's it. Pretty simple, huh? I knew that you would like it.

This is really more of a basting sauce than a grilled salmon marinade. But you can leave it on the salmon for a couple of hours for additional flavor, as you would a traditional marinade.

I usually like to leave the acid (such as lime or lemon juice)out because it denatures fish so quickly. I like it better as a flavor additive at the table. Of course, when you are cooking, you are in charge.

Time to Grill

In the grilling phase of this recipe, you must face the problem of the fish sticking to the grill. Part of what makes this a problem is the fact that fish is more delicate than beef and other meats. It tends to fall apart easier, especially after it is cooked.

The first thing I do to combat this problem is to get thick pieces of fish(salmon) in this case. Most of the time they are about 1" thick. I have tried both filets and steaks in the past. I prefer steaks since they are a uniform thickness.

In case you are wondering, steaks are cut across the grain. For salmon, the steaks will usually contain a portion of the backbone and a few ribs on either side. Be careful of these when eating.

Filets are usually boneless and are cut with the grain. They, however, will vary in thickness. This causes the possibility of thin parts to become overcooked and/or thick areas to be undercooked.

Another important thing to do, so the salmon won't stick, is to be sure you have a clean grill. Once it is clean, put a coat of cooking oil on it with a paper towel.

This will help keep the salmon from sticking and should produce some good looking grill marks. Although, the butter in the grilled salmon marinade helps too.

Keep an Eye on it.

A hot grill is another important factor. Don't surround the salmon in flames, but the grill does need to be hot. A word of caution, though. The grilled salmon marinade will cause flareups, since it is butter. So be careful.

As with beef steaks, the grill will "release" the meat once cooked (as long as the grill is clean). The release point is the time to turn it.

Watch it fairly close. It doesn't take long for fish to cook. You will notice the salmon changing color as it cooks. You can tell when the bottom half is getting done by this change.

Start checking, with your spatula, to see if it has released yet. Once it releases, rotate for a crosshatch grill pattern if you like. Don't leave it too long, though. It can overcook easily.

Carefully turn the salmon over to finish cooking on the other side. It shouldn't take as long to cook on the second side. After you see the change in color on this side, take the salmon off the grill.

Check for doneness by checking the internal color. Cut into a portion or flake off a piece to see. This desired doneness part is up to you. You may have to put it back onto the grill to cook a little longer.

After doing this a few times, though, you get pretty good at deciding when it's done just by how the outside looks. I still like checking the inside, just to be sure.

Happy cooking. 


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