Grilled Potatoes?
You're Grilling Anyway!

Grilled potatoes give you a lot of possibilities and variations that you can use. I have tried them in lots of ways. What follows is the way that I grill potatoes most often. Please feel free to make your own changes and variations. I encourage you to experiment.

Any potatoes will do, but I like to use baking potatoes best. Although new potatoes or small red potatoes are excellent for grilled potatoes, too. Did I mention that potatoes are my favorite vegetable (I guess I have now).

An important thing to remember is that potatoes take a while to cook (unlike those little shrimp). If you try to cook them whole, remember how long it takes them to bake in an oven. Judge from that how long it will take them to get done in the center.

I like to slice them and then grill them. Slicing them thin will allow them to cook throughout,but it makes them hard to handle when they are done (falling apart). Slicing them too thick will result in burnt outside and raw inside.


The way I get around all that is to boil them whole in water until they are almost done (not crunchy raw, but very firm in the middle). If you were boiling them to mash, you would definitely want to cook them longer (about that done).

The only way I know of to check for doneness is to slice one in half. Check the firmness as you cut through it and go from there. This is just something that I have been doing by trial and error for a while. After a few times of preparing grilled potatoes this way, you will be able to know what doneness level works best for you.

The idea is to have it done enough to finish cooking on the grill, but not too done that it falls apart on the grill. If you pay attention to the degree of doneness, and the final result after grilling, you will be able to adjust the next batch.

It Gets Easier

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You will develop your own way of doing this after a few attempts. I like to cut slices anywhere between 1/4" to 1/2" thick. Sometimes that depends on how done they are precooked.

If they are a little more done than I expected them to be, I will cut them thicker. That way, they will hold together better and still get done in the middle when I am finished. If I decide to grill them before they are quite ready, then slicing them a little thinner will allow them to finish cooking on the grill.

If the slices are nice and firm, you should be safe using a pair of tongs to turn them. But, if they end up a little more done than you expect, try using a spatula for turning so there is less risk of them breaking apart. Those spring-loaded double spatulas work great for this.


Now that all of that is figured out, the only thing left to do is season them and grill.

Seasonings are entirely up to your imagination. I go to my old standby......garlic salt and butter.

Melt a stick of butter in the microwave (a few seconds only please). Then add garlic salt to suit your taste (believe me, you can get too much). Stir it up and taste it. Once you've got it right, then simply brush it on your precooked, sliced potatoes. The only other thing I do is add pepper, but that ball is in your court now.

The Rest is Easy

The grilling part is fairly easy. If cooked properly and sliced right, the grilled potatoes will get done and not fall apart (Yes, and through the grill, too.... don't you just hate that?). Basically, all you have to do is watch them to get the look you want (grill marks and that golden brown color).

If they turn out good, except for not being done enough in the middle, try this. Either boil them a little longer, or slice them a little thinner (or a combination of both). If you have trouble, though, with them breaking apart when you try to take them up, do the opposite. Either boil them a little less, or slice them a little thicker.

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