Dozier's Meat Market

by Hezekiah
(Where the X is in Texas)

The first time I ever went to Dozier's Meat Market was 40 years ago. It was way out in the country back then. Since those days Houston has expanded and inflated so much that the little town of Fulshear seems like it'll soon be swallowed up. Bikers and land yachts on weekend excursions still stop by the little country store/meat market/barbecue joint for some of the best barbecue you can find anywhere.

A big reason to go to Dozier's is to load up on pecan-smoked peppered bacon, pork sage sausage, and peppered ham slugs at the meat counter. Maybe it's just me, but a peppered ham slug is worth its weight in gold. (In fact, I think that's exactly what it costs.) The butcher would usually have to make a trip to the smokehouse to get one of the baseball-sized slugs of ham all black with a thick, thick coat of pepper. The butcher I remember most from when I was a kid, was missing his right index finger. Now that's devotion to your work.

After you get your smoked meats wrapped in butcher paper, go to the side counter of the meat market and order a sliced beef brisket sandwich. Or chopped beef, or ham, or smoked chicken quarters. Grab a bag of potato chips off the shelf and a Nehi from the cooler, and then eat inside at the little tables with vinyl checkered tablecloths, or sit outside at the picnic table under the oak tree. The meat is tender and excruciatingly flavorful, the sauce is perfection.

Lord Have Mercy, that's good barbecue.

Dozier's Meat Market
Fulshear, Texas

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Apr 15, 2015
Guiding info
by: James E. Jackson

But i am pretty glad to add new information in my memory after reading such phenomenal addition over your blog. Happy sharing please.
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Mar 06, 2010
Family, Cemetary and Dozier's pecan smoked sausage
by: Beverly Taylor-Barton

The few times I was able to get to Fulshear, Texas holds some of the best memories for me. My Grandparent are now buried there in the little Local cemetery. One of my favorite memories is heading to Dozier's Market to get some lunch with Old Aunt Mamie...she was ancient even in the late 1960's. She would take us inside and we'd order BBQ brisket sandwiches and she'd always ask us what flavored "sody-pop" we wanted.
To this day I can still smell the smoked meat, bring up the flavor of the pecan smoked sage sausage and the unbelievable sense of being treated like a "local". On a side note, it was Doziers market that lent this virtual stranger a shovel so I could go bury my Grandad's ashes with my Grandma's, "just bring it back when you are through and sorry for your loss".

Thanks again

Nov 18, 2009
Finest Ham and BBQ in Thirty years
by: Mark

I've been going there since 1969--Scott and Smedley carry on the tradition and the care.
It's one of the stops that make the trip to Houston worth making.

All Smiles,

Canyon Lake

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