Dales BBQ

by D. Turner
(Fort Pierce, Fl.)

The best hands down!!!!!!! Located on US1 on the outskirts of Fort Pierce, Fl. It has been loved for over 20 years. I am not sure when it went into business but I have ate there for 20 years or longer and I never get tired of it. They have many types of bbq sauce, my favorite is the one that isn't sweet. They have sweet, tangy, spicy and hot. Delicious!!!

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Apr 27, 2018
The sauce NEW
by: Anonymous

There is no doubt the mild sauce from Dale's / Moonswiners is addictive. It is obviously a Carolina style sauce, and I have been looking at different recipes. I figure if I can get close with a recipe, then I can tweak the flavor until it is right. Two I found where the sauce looks very close are the Tangy Carolina BBQ sauce at Bunsinmyoven dot com and the Southern Style BBQ sauce at Toriavey dot com. I don't believe either of these is going to be exact, but I think they may be good starting points. Also, I have seen the waitresses make the hot version of this sauce after the lunch crowd leaves. They simply add Tabasco sauce to the mild sauce in pitchers, which are then poured into the containers with the red tops. I figured this would be worth noting since if the mild sauce can be made, the hot sauce is only one ingredient away! If I am successful, I'll be sure to post the final recipe here. If all else fails, they do offer the sauce for sale in various sizes at the restaurants, although I do not know if they take orders which need to be shipped.

Apr 09, 2018
Dale’s Sauce Recipe PLEASE!! NEW
by: Amanda

Dale’s BBQ on US1 in White City is hands down the best bbq ever! I have bought a good 20 sauces trying to find something even remotely similar. All have failed. I no longer live near by so if I could try to recreate it I would be forever grateful.

Jan 03, 2018
Sauce NEW
by: Cindy Register

I use to go to dales 2 to 3 times a week when I worked by farmers market off oleander.
I have moved away and crave the bbq sauce. I can not find anything similar. Please can someone tell me how I might be able to make some like what dale's has.

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