A Clear Sauce,
but Sweet and Spicy

I had a vinegar based sauce that was sweet and spicy but a clear sauce and really good. Do you know of such a recipe?

I don't know of a specific recipe for a vinegar based sauce that is sweet and spicy but clear and really good... but maybe I can supply you with enough information that you could make one anyway.

The state of North Carolina is known for it's vinegar based BBQ sauce. But throughout different parts of the state, they add mustard, or ketchup, or tomatoes. In eastern North Carolina, though, they make a vinegar based sauce. It consists of apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper, with maybe a touch of sweet and spice.

Vinegar, salt and pepper will result in a sauce that is clear. That makes for a good start. The next step is to add some sweet and spice while keeping the sauce clear. If the amounts were small, you might be able to add ingredients like brown sugar, honey, Tabasco, or red pepper flakes.

Adding ingredients like onion juice, garlic, white sugar or light honey would not discolor the sauce. Another possibility would be to add whole peppers and allow them to steep for awhile and then remove them. And remember that if flavors become too intense, a little water wouldn't hurt the clarity either.

I would also be interested in seeing what some of you come up with for a recipe. If you've got a good one, and would like to brag a little, please send it to me. I will be glad to put it on the website for all to enjoy.

I'll bet some of you, that have lived in the North Carolina area, already have a good recipe that you use. Naturally, if your recipe is published, you will receive full credit for it. Simply send it to me through the Contact Me page.


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