Chicken Marinade Recipe

These chicken marinade recipes are a good place to begin (or end, if they turn out perfect for your taste). They both serve as a starting point for your fine tuning pleasure. If you would like another recipe choice to look at, I have another one on the Grilling Recipes page.

1/4 c Oil
6 Cloves Garlic
2 Tbs Fresh Oregano
1 1/2 tsp Black Pepper
2 tsp Cumin
1 Red Onion
2 Tbs Chipotle Chiles

Compare the two chicken marinade recipes as you look at both of them. Notice the similarities and the differences. Keep in mind that you are dealing with a marinade here. Remember why you are using it and what it is supposed to do.

1/4 c Oil
1/2 c Chopped Garlic
1/2 c Chopped Fresh Oregano
1Tbs Balsamic Vinegar
2 Tbs Fresh Lime Juice
2 Tbs Fresh Orange Juice
1 Tbs Honey
2 tsp Ancho Powder

Sometimes that's all you get..... a list of ingredients. You may or may not have a set of instruction to go with it. Luckily, for most marinade recipes, all you do is combine the ingredients (but not always). Review Marinade Recipes if necessary for further information.

One recipe calls for chopped garlic, the other for cloves of garlic. There is a big difference. Chopped garlic will give up much more flavor than whole garlic.

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Think of it like this. If you stood at a counter looking down at a whole onion, you probably would not tear up, would you? (onions are not that sad). But, what happens if you get a knife and begin to cut into that same onion? I don't mean just slice it a time or two, but chop it up into a fine dice.

Is that a tear I detect? More flavor release, right? It's the same thing with the garlic, the fresh oregano, the chiles, etc. I don't mean they will all make you cry, just that they will all release more flavor when they are chopped.

Also, look at the differences between the liquid ingredients and dry ingredients. One may be thicker than the other. Some marinades are mostly liquid while others are mostly dry ingredients.

Here is where your preferences kick into gear. You be the judge. You are in control.

The consistency of a marinade does not make it right or wrong. A marinade is still a marinade, regardless of whether it is thick or thin. Butwhat you want from your chicken marinade recipe, is the important thing to consider.

Make it thinner by adding more liquid ingredients or taking out some dry ingredients. To make it thicker use less liquid and/or more dry ingredients.

Don't work on consistency and forget the taste, though. I want to be sure you understand me when I say "To make it thinner, add more liquid". That actually will make it thinner (I would never lie to you), but it will also change the flavor.

Just remember, that even if you keep the exact same original ingredients and don't add any new ones, the taste will change by increasing or decreasing the existing ingredients.

Hey, but don't sweat it. It's all good, right? After all, we're in this for the fun, aren't we? I think it's time to get another drink and try again. 


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