The BBQ Trials and Forays of Wally's Dad

Through his BBQ trials, Wally's dad is someone that I have come to know as an excellent source of information.  Not so much as someone who has had newby experiences unlike yours or mine, but as someone with a unique way of wording those forays so they're very easily understood.

Wally's dad first contacted me through my Contact Me page on this website. He asked me a question about how long to leave a rub on a brisket. If you subscribe to Original-Q , you may have seen his question in the November 2008 issue.

If you haven't subscribed yet, please sign up for Original-Q . That way you can keep up with any new BBQ trials that Wally's dad might write about. If you did miss it, though, here's the brisket rub question .

Maybe I better explain why I refer to him as Wally's dad. That is a kind of unusual name.

Early in our trading of emails, I noticed that he had an email address with "wally" in it. But, he would always sign his emails with "Mickey". So I, not knowing how to address him, asked "Which is it? Wally or Mickey?".

Here is his response...

Is it Wally or Mickey? Great question! It's been both, at one time or another and there are still people who call me exclusively "Mickey" or "Wally". For the longest time, I was always Wally - but then when my son was born, everyone started calling him Wally and I sort-of got demoted.

To this day, there are people who just refer to me as, "Wally's Dad". That's all - not "Mickey" or "Wally", just "Wally's Dad". I feel like saying, "Hey, I was 'Wally' long before Wally was 'Wally'!" It wouldn't do any good though - they'd still just call me Wally's Dad. So to answer your question about whether it's Wally or Mickey: I like either one.

My brother-in-law tried calling me "Chowderhead" one time, but I definitely didn't like that one. :)

I didn't think he would like me calling him Chowderhead either. So, I settled for Wally's Dad

As we started exchanging emails, I began to see how well Wally's dad could write. I eventually asked him if I could use some of his writing, here on the website, to describe some of his BBQ trials and forays into the world of BBQ and smoking. He graciously accepted... so, I have created a home for him right here on .

The brisket foray was the first time I got a full report (well, kind of) on one of his BBQ trials. He gave me details that I thought were perfect for someone else trying to smoke a brisket for the first time. Actually you will have to read Brisket a la Wally's Dad to get the final results.

He also gave us a short version of the smoked brisket recap .

The most recent installment from Wally's dad covers brisket, marinades, and something about "security software". He could have probably written a book if he had the time.

I have tried to piece together some excerpts from the email writings of Wally's dad. Hopefully it will make a readable set of pages depicting his attempts at BBQ perfection. I hope they will be helpful as well as entertaining.


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