BBQ Seafood Recipes

BBQ seafood recipes are catching the interest of grillers because of being low fat and healthy. BBQ... it's not just for steaks anymore. You have an ocean of choices.

Jeff Slankard, Basic Author

Since seafood is so healthy for us, and a favorite of many, it's only natural that we would want to BBQ it. It's a great choice for entertaining, since it's so quick to cook.

The Catch

One of the good things about something like fish is that it is very tender. That, however, becomes a problem when it comes to the grill.

Whether your BBQ seafood recipe calls for it to be grilled or slow smoked, that flimsy little piece of fish will have to be put down on some kind of grate. And you know what grates are like... they are full of slots, gaps, holes and places for things to fall through.

It doesn't take very long to cook fish and other seafood. Even if it sticks just a little bit, it may be hard to keep it together for turning. Remember the grate gaps? That's when they take a bite of the fish, when you are trying to turn it.

Because of this turning problem, I usually grill salmon filets or steaks. Tuna would be another good choice. As long as it is relatively firm and thick, it is easier to turn.

When I grill salmon , I melt a stick of butter in the microwave (just a few seconds) and add garlic salt. Taste it to get it right. If you goof up and get it too salty, get another drink for yourself, and then add a little more butter.

Brush it onto the fish before grilling. It helps keep it from sticking and gives it a good flavor, too. Be careful, though, butter will burn. You may want to add a little lemon juice too.

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The Fix

It can still be done with BBQ seafood recipes using more delicate and smaller pieces of fish, but the grate must be clean. A little bit of oil should be applied to both the fish and the grate. Heat should be medium high to high. Use a wide spatula (or two) instead of tongs or a fork to turn it.

Even this may not work on all grills. Some grills have a very small surface area verses open space area (grate gaps). If you really like grilled fish, I think your best bet is to get a grate with more surface area than space.

Because fish is so delicate, many people have come up with their own ways of grilling (so it won't fall apart). One way is to leave the skin on. But some people (like me) prefer no skin. Without the skin, fish will take on the flavors of smoke, seasonings, sauces, etc.

So, what else do we do? Another way is to use aluminum foil. Using a piece of foil on the grate under the fish will keep it from falling through. There are also what I call fish baskets available. They are like a pan with small holes in it.

Sticking is the main problem. If you can stop that, grilling fish is quick and easy. It takes the combination of everything mentioned to make it work. Include them with all of your BBQ seafood recipes.

A Few Don'ts

Smoking is a way to prepare fish too, but grilling is much more common. The fish is already tender. Slow smoking is meant for tougher pieces of meat. If you do slow smoke fish, don't cook it for hours like beef. Check it often. It may take less than 30 minutes (depending on the size). I wouldn't marinate if very long (see marinade recipes ). And I would go easy on the sauce (if you use one). I usually prefer tartar sauce (or your favorite) after it has been served.

As I am able to add to the website, I will be including a few recipes for shrimp , salmon and lobster. I have already told you about the one I use for almost all of my seafood grilling. Butter and garlic salt basted before and during cooking (watch for flareups).

If you have suggestions about what you would like added to the website, please fill out the form below. If you have a BBQ seafood recipe you would like for us all to use as a springboard to our new creations, please pass it on. I assure you that any information you supply will only be used as information on this site for others to read and use..


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