Great BBQ Foods You May Not Have Considered

The Unusual Suspects

The first things you think of when you consider lighting the BBQ are the usual suspects – burgers, sausages, steaks, chicken, maybe a vegetable kebab or two – but this can become very predictable and unsatisfying.

Well, it can if you have one a week throughout the summer! So how do you shake things up a little bit?

Similarly to packed lunches, you can find that you’re having the same meal on a regular basis just because that’s what there is. A barbecue has cheeseburgers, hot dogs and chicken legs. Standard procedure.

But throwing a few different foods onto the grill can provide just as satisfying an experience, and allows you to take your creative side out of the kitchen and onto the patio. There’s no reason you can’t create fantastic homemade meals on a charcoal or gas BBQ like you would in an oven.

How About Pizza?

Pizzas give home chefs a completely blank canvas, allowing them to use whatever ingredients they wish and turning it into a mouth-watering meal. Twenty minutes in the oven and it’s ready to serve.

But not many have considered grilling a pizza. One great recipe is the BBQ Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese pizza, combining delicious barbecued chicken pieces with a traditional favourite, on top of a pizza – how can anyone possibly resist?

Grill the chicken first so it’s cooked through – a key point if you’re going to chop it into pizza toppings – and at the same time grill what would be the top of your pizza base.

Once cooked, lay the chicken on the cooked part of the base, arrange and add your pre-cooked macaroni and grated cheese.

Wait for it all to cook sufficiently and you’ve got a great meal cooked using a very different method, with all the great flame-grilled taste associated with a BBQ.

Struggling for a dessert idea?

Don’t just turn to ice cream or chocolate cake, keep the grill alight and cook a banana. Many have tried a banana split – and those who haven’t are missing out – and this idea works along a similar theory.

Slice the banana lengthways, leaving it inside the skin. Grill the open side for around two to three minutes and then remove it from the heat and add some amazing fillings.

For the choc-a-holic, add chocolate spread such as Nutella, or even grated bits of chocolate. Alternatively you could add caramel or sugars to give it a sweet taste.

Then put it back on the grill for another five minutes and serve and wait for the silence to spread as the guests tuck into this delightfully grilled dessert.

Cheese Please

Tired of using cheese slices or grating cheese over your food? Haloumi is a grilled cheese that adds an amazing taste to any meal, particularly salads and sandwiches. So why not give it a go with a grilled sandwich?

Regularly used as a snack, grilled haloumi can taste fantastic when coupled with other mouth-watering ingredients, particularly in a chicken baguette.

Grill the cheese for a couple of minutes until it turns brown and place in a warm baguette with grilled chicken, mayo and salad and you’ve got an amazing sandwich.

This guest post was written by Matt Rawlings, a food blogger working on behalf of The Gas BBQ Company. Matt has written across a variety of food topics from great barbecue tips to growing your own vegetables.


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