BBQ Done Right is Grilling

by Dean
(Austin, Texas, USA)

First of all, I don't have the time to spend hours with BBQ using the smoking process. I know I may be flying in the face of tradition, but I've got to go with grilling. I applaud those of you that do have that luxury of time, though.

The Right way is to use charcoal instead of gas. It's easy, and it adds enough extra aroma and flavor to make it the best choice. It takes a little longer to burn down, but that's when some of the cooking prep happens.

I season the grillee (burgers, steak, chicken an so on) before I start the fire. That way the seasonings have a chance to work, and the meat can come to room temperature while the coals are burning down.

Once it gets onto the grill, I will splash on some Worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins of course) a couple of times while it's cooking. Between 5 and 10 minutes before the meat is done, I add some KC Masterpiece to both sides.

Naturally this cooking time is also an ideal time to visit with family and guests. If it is truly to be done the Right Way, a few cold beverages are also a necessity.

I go by look and feel to help me decide when to take the meat off the grill (I am getting pretty good at it, too). If I am not sure, I will take it up a little early. That way, the meat can be put back on the grill for a little extra cooking time, if needed. I haven't figured out how to uncook it yet.

In my opinion... that's the Right Way to BBQ.

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