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Original Q, Issue #064 - Spring is Here
April 01, 2013

Get Another Drink and Try Again

In the spirit of good BBQ we will strive for the best. Whether bought, borrowed, or stolen... we will tweak, adjust, and otherwise perfect existing BBQ recipes into Original-Q.

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Table of Contents

Recent Website Additions and Updates

*Your Q
*Grilled Pizza - Why Not Have Fun When Grilling?
*Jay Bees BBQ
*America's Favorite BBQ Joints
*Rick's Ribs & BBQ Mobile Food Truck & Catering

Editors Qs
*Hipshot answers reader's questions

BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

Recent Website Additions

Your Q

Tell us about Your Q. Maybe it's your recipe for a BBQ sauce or a rub. Maybe it's the way you smoke. Whatever it is, please share it with the rest of us.

Your Q

Grilled Pizza - Why Not Have Fun When Grilling?

Grilled pizza will get the kids involved with grilling. Make your own topping choices and help put it together. You will soon have a new favorite pizza.......your own.

Grilled Pizza - Why Not Have Fun When Grilling?

Jay Bees BBQ

Old school excellent BBQ. Simple menu. The ribs are spareribs, nice big beef ribs if that's what you like. Pork shoulder for pulled, Sausage, Brisket,

Jay Bees BBQ

America's Favorite BBQ Joints

Building a continually growing collection of BBQ joints from all across America. The best of the best as submitted by visitors who appreciate good BBQ (Q Chasers).

America's Favorite BBQ Joints

Rick's Ribs & BBQ Mobile Food Truck & Catering

We are a mobile food truck serving Pecan Wood Smoked BBQ. We offer smoked baby back ribs, chopped brisket, pulled pork and hot links. Numerous Specialty

Rick's Ribs & BBQ Mobile Food Truck & Catering

Editor's Qs

Will soaking skewers in water keep them from burning?

All the recipes say it, right? Soaking skewers in cold water will prevent them from catching fire on the grill. It might delay it a little longer, but it won't keep them from catching fire.

Think about this for a minute. The amount of water that a bamboo skewer can hold after soaking probably won't amount to much more than a teaspoon full. If you expose that to the heat of a grill, it will dry out and catch fire. It's just a matter of time, how hot the fire is, and how close you put it to the fire.

It's still a good idea to soak your skewers before use, though. Just don't be misled to think they won't burn. Another thing that you may want to try is to place a piece of aluminum foil under the ends to protect them.

As a general rule for skewers, use metal for high heat items like beef, and bamboo for lower temperature cooking like shrimp and seafood.

The Challenge Continues.

I don't want to give you the idea that I can't be stumped, but... let's see what happens.

BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

All the Best

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