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Original Q, Issue #070 - BBQ in the News
October 02, 2013

Get Another Drink and Try Again

In the spirit of good BBQ we will strive for the best. Whether bought, borrowed, or stolen... we will tweak, adjust, and otherwise perfect existing BBQ recipes into Original-Q.

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Table of Contents

Recent Website Additions and Updates

*BBQ Tailgating News
*BBQ Restaurants News
*BBQ Cookoff News
*BBQ Catering News

Editors Qs
*Hipshot answers reader's questions

BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

Recent Website Additions

BBQ Tailgating News

What's happening around the country at the stadiums? Find the latest BBQ tailgating news. This growing pastime is really catching on.

BBQ Tailgating News

BBQ Restaurants News

BBQ Restaurants News across the country and the world. See what's being served and where. You can bet that where there's people, there's BBQ.

BBQ Restaurants News

BBQ Cookoff News

View current BBQ cookoff news and stay up to date. Check to see when the next chili cookoff is coming to town or where the next ribs cookoff wil be. Stay in touch and stay tuned.

BBQ Cookoff News

BBQ Catering News

BBQ catering news from around the country at your fingertips. Stop in and check the headlines. Powered by Google, these headlines stay updated for all of us to follow.

BBQ Catering News

Editor's Qs

I know this is not a question, but I thought it was good information worth sharing with you. Doug is one of my loyal subscribers. And he wrote me this email with some additional information about grilling fish. He's got some really good ideas.

Hey Jeff,

I'm back, or still here. Was reading your info on Grilled Salmon. My wife and I eat a lot of salmon. The grill is always very difficult because of the sticking. The info is correct, very clean grill and oil it. Always oil the salmon before.

Now the tip. I made a special spatula for turning the fish. Very thin stainless steel about 6"x 14" 1/16" thick with two 1/4" rods welded on each end. An old wooden broom handle drilled and put on the rods. Sharpened the one end for easy sliding under the salmon.

Slide under, turn a 1/4 turn and pull it out. Little oil on the lifter keeps the fish from sticking. Anyone can find someone to make it or let me know. It's a little bigger than a license plate, bent the rods up about 20 deg.

Number one thing with salmon, or any fish, is "over cooked fish". Dry cardboard is not my thing, Always have an instant read thermometer and take the fish off at 130-135 deg. Never open the fish up or try looking inside. Filet's work best, but not with the tail,(to thin) just buy the center.

One other cool trick is to cook the salmon skin side down. And use a griddle plate that's HOT on the top of the fish half way thru the cooking. Get is hot and just lay it on top of the salmon if you need grill marks. I can never taste the grill marks so I don't worry about them. Finish with a sour cream, mayo, cucumber, and dill mixture for the fish.

Regards, Doug

The Challenge Continues.

I don't want to give you the idea that I can't be stumped, but... let's see what happens.

BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

All the Best

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