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Original Q, Issue #036- blog entries
November 01, 2010

Get Another Drink and Try Again

In the spirit of good BBQ we will strive for the best. Whether bought, borrowed, or stolen... we will tweak, adjust, and otherwise perfect existing BBQ recipes into Original-Q.

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Table of Contents

Recent Website Additions and Updates

*Another Comment from a Reader gets Published
*A Bit of Trivia
*A Personal Note

Editors Qs
*Hipshot answers reader's questions

BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

Recent Website Additions

Another Comment from a Reader gets Published

Another comment from a reader gets added to the website. Become a contributor yourself. Add your expertise or opinion to the site, or even make a comment about someone else's addition.

Reader's Comment

A Bit of Trivia

I was reading through some newsletters the other day and came across some interesting trivia you might be interested in.

* In terms of preparation, 75.5 percent of consumers felt that a single sauce or ingredient could affect the enjoyment of their overall meal.
The Gourmet Retailer, October ‘09

*U.S. consumers are most likely to look for American regional flavors in their sauces and marinades.
Food Technology, June ‘09

*With half of adults grilling at least three times a month during barbecue season and 39% grilling year-round, in 2008, according to Harris Interactive, use of grill-specific marinades, sauces and rubs is at an all-time high.

A Personal Note

For quiet some time now, I have attempted to tweak, adjust, and otherwise perfect my craft of BBQ. I have felt so strongly about it that I even started this website. I just wish I were already retired so I could spend more time with it.

I would love to be able to travel across the country and visit various fairs, festivals, competitions,and assorted eateries. Naturally that would be fun in itself, but I would be doing it for the purpose of reporting back to you. This would be easily accomplished through the website, with my findings in pictures, written descriptions and interviews of the locals.

I am getting ahead of myself, though. I can't do that until I am retired and have the time. What I am actually considering now is the production of my own brand of BBQ Sauce. This, though, is an area of unknown to me. I guess I am mostly hesitant about some of the costs. I have not yet finished my research on the subject.

Well... without getting into all of the details, that's what I have had on my mind lately. Drop me a note if you've got any comments on the idea. I will continue to investigate the options, but I'm always open to possibilities. Thanks for listening.

All the best Hipshot

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Editor's Qs

What is meant by all of this talk about trends?

In the past you may have heard of someone being on a health kick, or being a health nut. Today it's more widespread and considered to be food trends or healthy trends.

Actually it probably all started with the current economic slowdown. People started getting back to basics in the areas of food and food preparation. The current trends seem to center around being simple, economical, and healthy choices for not only food, but preparing food as well.

Some restaurants are joining the Healthy Dining Program. They are getting ready for Menu Labeling (nutritional facts, along with prices, on the menu). They are also beginning to offer healthier Kids' meals, as well as gluten-free and low sodium choices.

Many of the current food trends are discussed in an article the Food Channel published on its website. You can read it here at

Top Ten Food Trends for 2010

The Challenge Continues.

I don't want to give you the idea that I can't be stumped, but... let's see what happens.

BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

All the Best

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