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Original Q, Issue #017 -- privacy, faq, hardwood
April 01, 2009

Get Another Drink and Try Again

In the spirit of good BBQ we will strive for the best. Whether bought, borrowed, or stolen... we will tweak, adjust, and otherwise perfect existing BBQ recipes into Original-Q.

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Table of Contents

Recent Website Additions and Updates

*Privacy Policy
*Why Hardwood?
*A Clear Sauce, but Sweet and Spicy

Editors Qs
*Hipshot answers reader's questions

BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

Recent Website Additions

Privacy Policy

What you should know about how your personal information is handled. To put it simply... it goes no further than here.

Privacy Policy


Here is a listing of some FAQs about BBQ, as taken from the Original Q ezine. Add to the FAQ page yourself. Maybe even answer a question.


Why Hardwood?

Do I really have to use hardwood? Other wood burns and creates smoke too.

Why Hardwood?

A Clear Sauce, but Sweet and Spicy

I had a vinegar based sauce that was a sweet and spicy but clear sauce and really good. Do you know of such a recipe?

A Clear Sauce, but Sweet and Spicy

Editor's Qs

David wrote:

I really like your website. I just built a BBQ pit at my house and I plan to BBQ to earn money for our kids program at church. I was wanting to come up with my own sauce and was wondering if you had a guide line or instructions or suggestions that would help me in this.

Thanks in advance.


Hi David,

Thank you for your interest. It's great to hear from you!

What a great idea you have! Even better that you want to create your own sauce. I hope I can be of help.

I assume that you have already read about BBQ sauce on my website. If so, I'm afraid you've already read what I know to tell you.

I don't have anything specific that would be helpful. Even if I gave you a recipe, you may not like something about it. So we'll have to stay pretty general... sorry.

If I were doing it, though, this would be my approach.

First - Pick your style. This will greatly narrow down your possibilities. If you have a favorite style, great. If not, you can review the styles again at the above link. You could even buy your favorite ready-made BBQ sauce and add a few extra seasonings to it.

But... if you want to start from scratch, let's keep moving.

Start small (quantities) and start with the basic ingredients. Some common ingredients in BBQ sauce are also available on the website.

One of the things that I have done (and it works well for me) is to gather several recipes together. Search online, cookbooks, programs or CDs and find 4 or 5 good looking recipes for a BBQ sauce. You could even make each one of them and see how you like them.

Once you get into it, you will find that many recipes are very similar. Some will even have the exact same ingredients, except in different amounts. After acquiring 4 or 5 recipes, line them up across a table and start comparing (easier if you've already tried them, but not mandatory).

Since you will have a certain style in mind, most of the recipes should be similar. They may all have the same 5 or 6 base ingredients in varying amounts.

Use your own judgment to decide the right proportions and amounts of those ingredients for Your recipe. You should have an idea as to whether you want more or less of something such as brown sugar or vinegar.

Begin writing a new recipe that will be Your Own BBQ Sauce. Write down the amounts you want of the ingredients common to all of the recipes.

Now begin to look at the other ingredients... dry mustard in 2 of them, but not the other 3... Worcestershire sauce in 3, but not the other 2... and so on. Decide which needs to be in Your sauce, based on what you like and don't like.

When you are done, you've got a recipe of your own (although untested).

The next thing to do is try it out. You may want to try half or one forth of the recipe first, but Go For It. Have others try it and give you some feedback too. This may not be your perfect sauce (yet), but it very well could be the base of Your BBQ Sauce that you can continually improve.

David, I really hope you create a sauce that you can be proud of, and everyone loves. I am sorry that I was so general in my answer to you. Hopefully it was of some help.

All the Best
"Get another drink and try again." (hipshot)

The Challenge Continues.

I don't want to give you the idea that I can't be stumped, but... let's see what happens.

BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

All the Best

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