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Original Q, Issue #002 -- Salmon sauce ribs bbq
January 01, 2008

Get Another Drink and Try Again

In the spirit of good BBQ we will strive for the best. Whether bought, borrowed, or stolen... we will tweak, adjust, and otherwise perfect existing BBQ recipes into Original-Q.

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Table of Contents

Recent Website Additions and Updates

*Grilled Salmon Marinade
*The Website
*Vinegar Based Barbecue Sauce
*BBQ Ribs Recipe
*BBQ, what it is


*Beer But Chicken - How Can That Be Anything But Good?

Editors Qs

*Hipshot answers reader's questions
BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

Recent Website Additions

Grilled Salmon Marinade

When using a grilled salmon marinade, sometimes the technique of grilling is more important than the recipe of ingredients. Here are a few tips to get you started down the right road.

Grilled Salmon Marinade

The Website

The website had to come from somewhere. Somebody has to be hosting it. Oh, the choices out there in cyerspace. They seem to get more numerous evey day....

The Website

Vinegar Based Barbecue Sauce

Have you ever had pulled pork and wondered how in the world they ever got it to taste that good? The final balance of flavors probably came from a vinegar based barbecue sauce (like this one).

Vinegar Based Barbecue Sauce

BBQ Ribs Recipe

A good BBQ ribs recipe will keep your guests happy. Not only that, they will be asking their friends to come along, too. Be careful, you might end up cooking ribs for the whole neighborhood.

BBQ Ribs Recipe

BBQ, what it is

BBQ. What in the world is it? Lets break out the dictionary and find out what we're talking about before we move on.

BBQ, what it is


Beer But Chicken - How Can That Be Anything But Good? has accepted and published another of my articles. It is titled "Beer But Chicken - How Can That Be Anything But Good?". You can find it at in the Food and Drink category under Recipes, or just click on the link below. (Coming to an ezine near you.)

Beer But Chicken - How Can That Be Anything But Good?

Editor's Qs

Why must I use hardwood? Why can't I use any wood that's available?.

You can use any wood that's available (if you really want to). Taste and aroma are the only reasons for using hardwood. The technical reason probably has something to do with chemistry and biology (not my strong point). But the differences in wood are there, no matter what the cause.

It's a little like comparing ragweed and roses. Why can't you cut ragweed and put it into a vase instead of roses? You can (if you really want to). It's just that roses smell so much better.

It's the same with burning hardwoods such as hickory, oak, and mesquite. You don't have to use them. It's just that they make the meat smell and taste so much better than other woods.

There are other good woods for smoking too, such as pecan, cherry, apple and others. Any of these "acceptable" woods work well with slight variations in the taste and aroma they provide.

But, history has shown that the recommended woods are the best (based on other peoples experiences). If you want to give it a whirl yourself, though, and experiment with some other woods ( like I did ) ... please do. We all learn better from experience.

The Challenge Continues.

I don't want to give you the idea that I can't be stumped, but... let's see what happens.

BBQ questions only please. I don't know everything.

All the Best

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