ABTs - Hard to Beat

I have been reading about ABTs lately. But what does ABT stand for?

Actually ABT stands for Atomic Buffalo Turd.

No... not literally!

An ABT is an appetizer made with jalapeño peppers, cream cheese, and bacon. There is no specific recipe for making them, since there are so many variations. But, this will give you an idea of how to put them together, so you can try them out.

Either cut the top off, or spit the jalapeños lengthwise and hollow them out. Fill them with cream cheese. Then wrap the stuffed jalapeños with a half piece of bacon secured in place with a toothpick. Grill or smoke until bacon is done.

There you have it. The quick version of how to make an ABT. Many people like to add a little smokie sausage into the cream cheese before wrapping it with bacon. Actually, these are very popular when tailgating.

It is also very good with a piece of chicken, shrimp, or pork instead of the little smokie. I would recommend, though, that the meat you decide to stuff into the ABT be precooked. This will assure that it gets completely cooked by the time the bacon is done.

Experiment with seasoning like Ms. Dash, chives, or cayenne pepper (to make them really atomic) blended into the cream cheese. Use your imagination and have fun.


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