1,000,000 BBQ lovers cant be wrong!

by Uncle Chuckie
(Grand Rapids, MI)

My sauce lathered and layered onto a perfectly roasted rib or smoked brisket has a sweet/ tangy almost candy like 1st taste but once you swallow the Heat begins! You WANT to put it down...but Cant, you NEED just "one more" bite!!!

A sampling of the 47 flavors, spices and seasonings include the base which is, of course "Grandma's Dark Molasses", real Hungarian Paprika (never the generic!!!), tomato paste, Worcestershire, regular mustard, real salted butter(to add to the richness and gloss), garlic, apple vinegar (or real lime juice depending on my mood) cayenne pepper and Louisiana Hot Sauce...

All of this and a little more are brought together in a pot on the stove top at a light to medium heat, stirred often (to avoid burning) until well blended, cooled, jarred and ready for action!

***as for the "one million"...i might have exaggerated a little? But, my former little 80 seat bar in West Detroit would serve about 300-500 BBQ dinners each and EVERY Friday night to people, some who would drive more than 100 miles for the treat!

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Nov 05, 2015
by: Marco Gonzales

Thanks for the share, I hope you will include some photos next time.

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Sep 28, 2015
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Jul 07, 2015
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Jun 23, 2015
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